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January | Weddings Your Way

All About You – Unique Nuptials, Distinctive Venues, Eclectic Vendors – Making Your

Wedding Your Own

Ad Deadline: December 10


February | Traditions & Trends

From Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras—Romance and Regal Celebrations

Ad Deadline: January 10


March | Down Home in the South

Spotlighting Southerners and their Contributions to Home and Community.

Ad Deadline: February 7


April | Spring Flings

Enjoy Nature at Her Best and Have a Blooming Good Time!

Ad Deadline: March 10


May | Music Magnifique

The 27th Annual Natchez Festival of Music!

Ad Deadline April 10


June | A Healthier You

Medical and health matters for our readers and their families

Ad Deadline: May 9


July | Sights Around the South

Intriguing places and enriching events!

Ad Deadline: June 10


August | Saluting Community Mentors

Individuals impacting their communities

Ad Deadline: July 10


September | Hunting, Fishing, Football & More

Our favorite fall pastimes in the great outdoors

Ad Deadline: August 8


October | Fall Festivals

Festivals and celebrations that fuel our energies and our economies!

Ad Deadline: September 10


November | Cultural Cuisine

From fine dining to home-cooking, southern fare is sacred!

Ad Deadline: October 10


December | Winter Wonders

The holiday season’s sweets, treats, and treasures

Ad Deadline: November 7

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