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The Crafted Essence of Christmas

Floral design by Brenda Zerby of Moreton’s Flowerland

Photography by Jennie Guido


For Christmas, each home tries to display its own unique decor. Whether using fresh pieces from nature or more permanent pieces such as faux florals and evergreens, Christmas is different for each person who puts together a centerpiece or wreath.


At Moreton’s Flowerland in Natchez, Mississippi, Brenda Zerby and her crafty crew are available to help spin just about any Christmas story from your front door to your dining room table. “By using materials that are readily available, we can help you make the mechanics of the placement work,” Zerby shared. “The essence of what you want to convey from what you create comes from the sights and smells of Christmas. These evoke memories in each person that comes into your home during the holiday season.”


Be sure to take inspiration for your decor from what is traditional when it comes to Christmas but also take note of what’s popular this year. “Copper colors, plaids, and cotton seem to be jumping forward as their year’s trendy pieces,” Zerby explained. “Using those elements will keep your decor fresh and current.”


So, turn on your Christmas music and start to create your Christmas wreath with pieces you don’t get to enjoy the rest of the year. isn’t really about winning. It’s about going out there, doing what you love, and not about who won the competition,” Chretia said. “No one pays attention to that. There is a good bit of competition out there, but gaining experience is what’s most important at the shows.”


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