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A Sign of the Times

There are those individuals who possess the vision and desire to contribute to the betterment of their community, those who neither desire nor request praise for their actions, those who dream and make their dreams a reality.



Daycations and Destinations

When I was invited to write an article on places to visit near the Bluffs‘ footprint, so many destinations came to mind. Living in Brookhaven, Mississippi, is much like living in Natchez. Both are in close proximity to so many interesting towns, including New Orleans and Baton Rouge with so much constantly happening, such as festivals, concerts, sports, and other events. There is never a shortage of things to do.



Civic Duty

Having lived in the South all of my life, I have grown up with a very open mind about the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. I believe strongly in the right of the American citizen to bear arms.



Papa’s Too-tall Table

I have a nice collection of old furniture. It’s nothing to make an antique appraiser’s heart beat fast, but I enjoy every piece and consider everything special. Furniture, like art or books, is something to acquire a piece at a time, for only then can it truly be called a collection.



Strawberry Fields Forever

When I was a small child, I loved strawberries. I mean I really, really loved strawberries. My neighbor had a strawberry bed. It was about three-feet high and was circular with the circles getting smaller as they went up. I remember climbing to the very top circle and sitting there and eating all of the strawberries around me.




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